How to Deal with Common Problems for Movable Cubicles

Storage containers, even the secondhand ones, serve different purposes. People can use them for a lot of things. It should be easy to purchase these containers, especially the secondhand movable cubicles, as they are cheap and of great quality. However, know that the cheaper ones might have problems you have to tolerate. These problems may not be something you can overlook but they are not entirely disadvantageous. If you just assess the problem and see if they are still manageable, then you can make the most out of the purchase. Movable CubiclesDuring the assessment, you can determine if the said container can still be salvaged. If it can be repaired or cleaned, then you can definitely use it for the purpose you have in mind without having to pay the full price for movable cubicles. Of course, it will be helpful for you to know some tips on dealing with the common issues that you might face as you restore the cubicle.

1.Pungent odor

When you are planning to buy a movable cubicle, you should inspect it personally. You can use your sense of sight to see basic problems you might need to do something about. However, the inspection is not limited to what you can see. You can depend on your sense of smell to determine if there is something wrong with the said container. If you smell something terrible in the container, then you might need to deal with harmful microorganisms. The first thing you have to do then is to inquire about the goods that were kept inside in the past. If the products inside seem less likely to be exposed to harmful microorganisms, then it might be okay to tolerate the odor. Otherwise, look for another alternative.

2.Peeling paint

Peeling paint is one of the problems with movable cubicles that most people can easily resolve. One just needs to re-coat it. You can even change the color of the said freight container according to your own preferences. The good thing about the re-coating job is that you do not need expertise at the task. Even if you do not have much of a professional skill at it, you can do the job on your own. If you are interested in having a more intricate design though, then that is the time for you to seek for the services of professional painters.


Most secondhand storage containers have rusted parts due to constant exposure to the elements. The rust can be really unpleasant to the eyes. The rusting issue could also worsen and form holes, which can then endanger the items that you have stored inside the movable cubicles. If it is just minor rusting, then there is a good side to it. You can just remove the corrosion easily. You simply need to take advantage of rust-removal solutions. Reinforce this by applying a coat of anti-rust paint too. On the other hand, if the rusting is severe, then just remove the affected parts. Choose to replace the affected parts or just leave them open for ventilation purposes.

4.Lack of ventilation

For normal usage of storage containers, no ventilation helps avoid having harmful air particles penetrate inside. The lack of ventilation can be a problem when the freight container is used for other purposes. In that case, you simply need to add entry points for air. Doors and windows are just some example of these entry points. You need a professional to do the job.

5.Limited-looking space

It is impossible to increase the space of the freight cubicles easily. The space inside is really limited, after all. While there might be nothing you can do to literally expand your movable cubicles, you can still make them look spacious from the inside. Add wider windows and doors to borrow from the scenery outside; you can make that seem like an extension of a storage container’s space.