Is it more Practical to Order Custom Challenge Coins in Large Quantities?

It is practical to buy anything in large quantities, but it should be something that you will use or need regularly, otherwise you’re just wasting money. There are coin providers that give huge discounts to regular customers who order custom challenge coins in bulk. If you only need to use the coins for a one-time event, then ordering in large quantities might not be a good idea, unless you plan to turn the coins into a sort of perpetual business cards.

When is it Okay to Order in Large Quantities?

If you have a definite plan to use the coin for a long time or target a large area with huge population to distribute the coins, then it is best to order your custom coins in large quantities. If you have the means or you have an allotted budget to order custom coins in bulk, then you can do so according to your plan. It is important that you have a concrete plan as to where or when is the best time to distribute them, otherwise you would be wasting time, effort, and money.

custom challenge coinsIf there is a huge discount being offered when you buy in bulk and you will need many custom coins, then it is practical to grab the opportunity where you will be able to save more money.

There are times when having too many custom coins at once could bring a disadvantage, like when there’s a need to change your company logo and the current coins all bear your former company logo. Distributing the coins with a different logo might create confusion to your clients or target audience. You need to discard the custom coins that you ordered in bulk, or postpone your plan of changing the company logo.

Planning is Everything

When you order custom challenge coins in bulk, it is best to follow a well-designed plan, and don’t decide on a whim. You can buy in bulk when you have an important upcoming event which you think could help boost the reputation of your business. It is best to prepare as much custom coins on that day that will also serve as an invitation. It helps a lot if your coins bear a good design that anyone can appreciate.

If you have a limited fund today, then don’t spend it all in ordering custom coins in bulk. You can wait for a good day when different manufacturers offer them at discounted prices. While waiting for such day to occur, you need to plan where and when to distribute your coins to get the most out of them.

Things you can do with Custom Coins

You can use the custom coins as promotional items. You can also mint special edition coins as giveaways to your loyal customers to show your gratitude for their years of patronage.

You can order a coin with bigger size than usual (which could still fit comfortably in the palm of the recipient) to contain the important details like contact numbers, products and services, and other pertinent things that you would like your target clients to know.

You can start a new game using your custom challenge coins; you need to make sure that only your coin contains all the things that a player needs on the game that you have invented. If the new game is greatly accepted, then there’s a chance that others will seek out your coins just to play the game. You will be able to boost your company’s exposure and make it famous in the process.

You can even turn your corporate coins into collector’s item. Your coins must have unique features, rare, and elegant to get the collector’s undivided attention. Keep in mind that collectors usually collect only interesting items that could be considered rare and hard to obtain. But, the trouble with producing such coins is that you won’t be able to promote your business well if you have only limited coins in circulation.

You need to have proper planning to take advantage of the things that ordering custom challenge coins in bulk could bring. Otherwise, you need to stick to your usual number until you find an opportunity to order your coins in bulk.

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PCB Fabrication-Plating

A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is usually plated with copper because the metal has a high conducting capacity, allowing electricity to flow more easily. Still, because of the need to add copper, PCB fabrication usually requires a lot of effort. PCB fabrication also takes a lot of time.

•PCB fabrication is usually done by plating an ounce of copper per square foot. Remember, boards are defined by how many copper layers they have. The more layers they have, the more capable they become.

•Electroplating (or simply plating) is deposing a metal coating onto an object by putting electrons and immersing it in a solution containing a metal salt.

Now that those have been clarified, it’s time to discuss the steps in PCB plating.


1.Create an electrolyte which suits copper. It has to have positive ions so that it will be attracted to the negative ions found on the unplated board. Be cautious for some electrolytic ingredients are toxic or volatile. It is advisable to use gloves and a nose and mouth mask while doing the process.

2.Prepare the laminate made from copper. Use a laminate which is slightly larger than your board as it needs to be fixed at the sides during electroplating. Make sure that you have already fixed the sides (smoothened them) before proceeding with the next steps.

3.Drill the laminate according to the layout of the PCB and make sure that the holes are precise so that they will perfectly fit your PCB.

4.Prepare the PCB for plating. Make sure that your PCB is dirt-free and fingerprint-free to ensure a good finish.

Pcb Fabrication5.Immerse the laminate in the electrolyte. While doing this, never touch the laminate with your hands (even if gloved) for it may cause problems in the process. Wet the holes evenly and check for discoloration. Discoloration occurs because the laminate is activated with the electrolyte and is distributed throughout the surface. Put the laminate in the electrolyte for only 2-3 seconds and let the excess electrolyte flow back to the container.

6.Heat the laminate to 257 degrees Fahrenheit (125 degrees Celcius) for at least 11-15 minutes. Hold it at that temperature throughout the duration. Afterwards, increase the heat to 347 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees Celcius) for at least 6-8 minutes. Turn the heat off and let the board stay until the heat goes down to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celcius). The laminate should be implanted on the board at this point. The board will have a thin copper layer covered with the remnants of the electrolyte.

7.You can clean the plate using a soft sponge and liquid soap. Remember not to use steel wool or strong abrasives because the copper layer might get damaged if you do. The copper will likely be thin. When you implant it on the board by electroplating, the connection will rely on good copper deposition. The lack of connection can be a problem if the copper is displaced on the board.


•Always wear gloves throughout the process. Some ingredients may cause harm upon direct skin contact. If ever some of it end up on your skin, flush the area with water and consult a physician if irritation occurs.

•Be careful when handling the laminate because it is thin enough to be broken easily.

•Always take your time while doing these steps. Be precise when it comes to measurements and precisely follow all the given parameters.

•Consult a certified PCB engineer if you have any more questions regarding the topic.

•PCB fabrication is a precise work so you need to be careful when doing these steps.

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